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Yes, it is really free for 14 days and thereafter it is R20 per user monthly.

No, you do not need a credit card to sign up.

The invoices can be found under the billing tab.

Please contact us, to see if your team qualifies for onboarding.

Yes, you can approve or decline any time or leave submitted by your team.

Our demo/training video is coming soon

The feedback tab when you are logged in, can be used to report bugs or provide feedback.

Have a look in your spam folder for the welcome email we sent. If you have received the email, then click on the "log in" button on our website and log in using the details you signed up with. If you haven't received a welcome email from us, then please try signing up again, if it still doesn't work, please contact us.

Let the user that you added, check out their spam folder in their emails, for a "join us" email. If they have received it, they can click on the link in the email and log in, using their email address and the password as shown in the email. If they haven't received the email, please check that you have successfully added and saved that user and check that the email you have entered is correct. If everything is correctly added, check if they can log in by clicking on the "log in" button on our website, using the email address and password from their user profile.If this doesn't work, please contact us.

Yes, at the bottom of the user profile,you will see a deactivate/activate button,click this to make the user inactive.

Yes, when you are setting up the user's profile, you must make sure to tick what they are allowed to see and access in the user and admin roles, before saving.

User type is where you can set the working hours, vacation hours of different types of employees so that you can track if their attendance is good or not and this will help you to manage how much leave they have left, before approving it.

No, this is to manage which staff member has which fixed asset in your company and it will help you to track the condition of the items before and after it is in the possession of your staff member.

You can just click on the "log out" buttom and you will be logged out, contact us if you want to delete your company profile completely.