Exciting Features.

Get access to tons of awesome features, that your team will love.



View all your events, meetings, notes, public holidays, time logged, and leave submitted on the calendar. You can also quickly add time and leave when clicking on a specific day on the calendar.


Clock In / Out

Clock in and out every single day, so that you and your manager can track your attendance. This is a great feature to make sure that your team members are on time everyday and that they aren't leaving early.



Add various types of leave, attach a sick note or any other information, before sending it to your manager for approval. The person responsible for the approval of your leave will be able to approve or decline the leave you submitted and give you a reason as to why it was declined.



Add all the time that you have worked daily, weekly, or monthly, you can select a client, project, and task for the work you have done. You can also select if the time that you worked was billable or not so that your accountant know what time should be billed out to the company's clients.



Create announcements and select which users should see the announcement. This is great to inform your team of any changes or to remind them of important tasks.


Events / Meetings

Add users to events or meetings that you create, send them notifications of the event or meeting, and track who has declined or approved to attend the event or meeting that you created. You can also add a pdf to the event or meeting, such as an invitation or an outline of meeting topics etc.


Knowledge Base

Under this feature, you can add a knowledge base and share it with only specific users. This is excellent to use for the onboarding of new team members or the training of current members and for sharing new important information with your team, that they need to remember.



Add to-do lists or just quick reminder notes.


Petty Cash

Manage many different petty cash accounts here, add receipts and track how much should be in your petty cash box daily. Complete the petty cash account, to see any differences and add reasons for any loss or gain in your petty cash box.



You can add all the items that you need the company to purchase for you or your team here. So if you need new pencils, then add them here. You can submit all your purchase requests and the person doing the office purchasing will be able to approve or decline purchase requests based on the office budget or if they could find the item or not.


Stock Control

Manage any stock items here, so if the company is selling any items to employees, they can track the stock here. This is also great if you have a staff canteen and want to keep track of the stock items in the canteen, so all the food, drinks or cutlery. It can also assist the cleaning department in your office, to manage how much cleaning materials they have and to see when they are running low and need to add purchase requests for items.



Here you can add different branches or departments, so if you would like each branch or department to manage their users separately and to prevent one branch from being able to access the other branches' users and such.



Add all the clients that your team is doing work for,if they are only doing work for you,then you can add your company here, so that they can submit all the time that they spent on your companies different projects and tasks.



Add any public holidays here, so that your team can view them on their calendars.



Create projects for your team to complete and submit time for. This is done for each and every client, so basically allocated to a client that the project is for.



Add tasks to different projects, this is so that big projects can be broken down into different tasks that must be completed by different team members.



Set up and invite all your team members' profiles here, you can add who their manager is, what their billing rate per hour is, and what roles they must have.


User Types

Organize all the different types of users here, so add the time that this user group usually works and how much leave they are allowed. For example - A full-time employee that works 8 hours a day and has 12 workdays leave a year. This is so that you can track if they are logging enough hours daily and if they have any leave left, before approving it. Assign user types to each employee, to be able to track this.



If you have been assigned to the correct admin roles, you can approve or decline all the time, leave and purchases submitted by your team. You will be able to see any sick notes etc that they have added and you can add a reason for when you decline a submitted request.


Company Items

Manage which team member has which company item, credit card, keys and more,by adding a company item and assigning it to their user. You can also add the condition of the item,so that you can see if the condition of the item changed when it is returned. So you can track who has which laptop and when they return it, you can find out why it is in worse condition than it was when you gave it too them.



If your team uses the clock in and out feature daily,you will be able to see who is always late or on time and who takes a very long lunch break.



View what each person does in your company profile here, an awesome way of seeing who deleted or added or altered something.



Pull different reports here and sort the data with the filters we provide you with. We have billing, leave, purchase, and many other reports available.


User Reports

See an individual team member's progress and information with this great feature.